The Revival of The American Diner 

Join DaddyO Diner in a Celebration of Diners, Drive-Ins, and the Burger's that Built em'

The American Diner was an idea born at the beginning of the last century and nurtured through the 20s, 30s and 40s, until reaching its popular pinnacle in the 1950s. Diners began with horse-drawn lunch wagons and budding restaurateurs, and grew into road-side structures covered in chrome and neon. Before the hamburger was ruined by today's fast food barbarians, beef was all-natural and cooked for a taste that made countless diners the favorite restaurants in their towns and neighborhoods. Today, along with classic sweet potato fries and old fashioned real ice cream malts, DaddyO Diner will transport your taste back to the golden age. The late 1930s Art Deco design is the best of the old fused with the best of the new. DaddyO is a time machine. A Blast from the past that will continue the heritage of those fun and memorable eras. 


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